Robust and Flexible Rewards Engine used by leading brands

Points and rewards are proven business and profit boosters

Points and Cashback Reward

You can reward members with points or cashback governed by sophisticated reward rules. Easily create tiered reward programs to encourage customers to spend at higher tiers for bigger rewards.

Instant Rewards

Instant dazzles users and builds trust and credibility.
Real time cloud processing means that points awarded can be used instantly for their next purchase.

Easy Redemption

Fast and easy points redemption builds trust and credibility. Use the power of mobile to make it convenient to redeem the offers from your program

Instant Alerts

Members receive an instant notification of every transaction showing points rewards and redemptions.

Easy & Powerful Rewards

Get your loyalty program up in minutes


    Easy Points configuration with tiered rewards for all or selected transactions


    Give Bonus Points on special occasions managed within the campaign budget


    Rewards are easily available at customer finger tips with mobile acccess