360 Visibility over
Customer Profile & Behavior

Customer Insight starts here

Complete visibility over your customer data with profile, demographics, transactions and preferences data sitting on a single platform

Leverage on the power of Elastic & Cloud to data mine your treasure trove of customer data ~ bringing your marketing programs to the next level

Customer Segmentation

Segment and group your customers based on spending pattern and demographics

Flexible Attributes

Enrich your customer profile with flexible and unlimited attributes.


Customer 360 is integrated with our Loyalty, Rewards & Communication modules – eliminating double entry and data exports

Auto Merge

Merge members with the same email or mobile, thereby significantly reducing duplicate data

Auto Upgrade

Automatic upgrade or downgrade member tiers using our sophisticated rules and whitelisting engine

Auto Cleanse

Bounced emails are automatically tagged and cleansed

Data Hub

Your Customer 360 data sitting on our platform acts as a data hub for other systems to get the latest customer data


Leverage on elastic technology to search and profile customers at lightning speed


Adapt to your business growth with plug-ins to customize to your business process