Enterprise-Grade Customer Rewards Marketing and Digital Marketing Platform

Dexperien is a complete and modular Enterprise CRM Solution for Customer Loyalty, Rewards and Marketing Engagement platform.

It is best suited for large enterprises with sophisticated customer journeys and custom integration requirements.

Having Dexperien in your CRM strategy, will help you grow your customer base from leads to buying customers. Ultimately, nurturing them to loyal customers who act as your ambassadors - referring you to their network of friends.

The Customer Management Core is the brain and heart of your customer database - consolidating customer data whilst enforcing data integrity and accuracy.

More than just a simple contact management, Dexperien gives you complete Customer 360 visibility over customer behavior, purchasing history and interaction with your organization. Customer Insights start here

Dexperien started it's roots in Customer Loyalty Programs. This is us at our finest. Our powerful and flexible rewards engine allows you to create loyalty programs that will increase customer retention.

Coupled with good communications program, you will even change customer buying patterns for the better, increasing average revenue per customer in the long run

Customer awareness and communications remains one of the major stumbling blocks of most loyalty programs and promotional campaigns. Many enterprises are hampered from inefficiencies due to having to use multiple messaging systems and prohibiting cost to communicate with their customers. Dexperien helps enterprises solve this problem with an integrated multi-channel messaging platform

As your customer base and operations gets bigger, you will have more aggressive plans and activities to segment and engage with your customers. You need a solution that helps you scale your customer base without having to increase headcount.
Our automation engine helps your users automate most processes; relieving them from mundane tasks so that they can focus on executing your strategy