Grow your channel relationships with superior channel management capabilities

Streamline Channel Recruitment

Easy channel recruitment from your Website or Mobile Apps. Reduce the manual paper trails and paper-work by getting all documentation submitted online.

Assign different tiers to your channel partners that awards different benefits based on their commitment and achievements.

Improve Marketing Reach

With our innovative platform, Brands & Distributors can create marketing programs that reach out to end consumers and ensures accountability in the marketing campaigns.

Distribute Free Samples and Free Gift Kits as effective lead conversion, up-sell and customer engagement tools. Track conversion when customers redeem these items at your channels with our unique
Zero-Deployment technology.
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Help Your Channels Sell Online

Channels can sell your products in a private label marketplace to their own customers.

Sales Orders and Products are automatically synced with the marketplace- reducing the paperwork and operational costs of your distribution business.

Scale your business to handle thousands of channels effortlessly.