Multi-channel communication made easy

Communication is key to building close and caring long-term client relationships, which in turn boost sales and profits.

Permission Marketing

Members give you permission to communicate with them during membership sign up. That is the foundation upon which your relationship will be built. Value that permission and use it judiciously to good effect.

Preference Center

Members choose the type of communications they receive from you on their mobile app or member web. Create personalized messages that are relevant and serving to their needs.

Multi-channel Customer Communications

Send personalized messages direct to members for notification and updates


    Push messages are free and are read by most people. They’re perfect for campaigns with high immediacy and can generate results in hours.


    Email still gets powerful marketing results. Filter your member list to ensure that recipients find your message interesting and informative, then schedule to send your message at the best time

  • SMS

    Text messages have low cost and very powerful results. You can filter your member list to select targeted recipients, then schedule to send your message at the best time.


    Every transaction triggers an eReceipt. In addition to the transaction details, this email thanks them for their purchase, displays current promotions and vouchers, and asks them to post a review.