Powerful customer experiences with engaging self-service touch points

Member Sign Up

Customers sign up to become members on your website or mobile apps

QR Code Sign Up

Custom QR link to your member sign up form. Print it on your menu, receipts, website, cards, ads and promos to encourage new sign ups

Key Info Online

Lower support costs when members can get their personal info online: e.g. update profile, view points and rebate balance, transaction history etc.

247 Interaction

Members can interact with you from home (anywhere, anytime) through these touchpoints – redeeming rewards, making purchases, topping up their ewallet and requesting for assistance

Viral It!

Create viral campaigns with digital vouchers / coupons, social sharing and friend referral bonuses on your self-service channels


Current promotions are featured on your member portal and mobile apps and actively pushed to subscribed members

Mobile Ready

Easily accessible at your customer finger tips with mobile responsive web portals and mobile apps

Digital Kiosks

Pump up your stores with digital interactive kiosks – bringing your in-store experience to the next level

Build Your Brand

Build your own brand from your own-branded member portals and apps. Bolster your site reputation with free SSL security.